Utility Locating
Don't run the risk and expense of damaging buried utility lines & pipes when digging.

Use our underground scanning and locating services.

Using the latest radiodetection equipment we'll locate buried utility lines, cables wires & pipes that will make you job easier and avoid costly mistakes.
Owners of buried pipes and cables have a clear responsibility to know where their buried utilities are.

Also anyone digging in the vicinity of a buried utility has a duty to avoid causing damage to it.

That's where our underground locating service can help.

Avoid the worry of lawsuits, disrupted communications, possible serious injury to your staff and, or, insurance claims for any damage caused.

Feel free to contact us and sleep easier at night knowing that you are taking the guesswork out of digging.

We offer our services throughout the Atlantic Region.

Call (506) 545-5022 or email for more information.